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작성자 Jamika77 작성일23-11-19 11:05 조회6회 댓글0건


Jeju Island smiled broadly after a long time due to the consumption of Chinese tourists during the Chuseok holiday.
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province announced on the 11th that it analyzed the consumption trend of
Chinese tourists during the Chuseok holiday and found that
Jeju Island showed the highest consumption growth rate among cities and provinces nationwide
compared to the same period last year during the 6th
holiday period from the 28th of last month to the 3rd of this month.
According to a comparative analysis of the credit card payments of Chinese
tourists by Jeju Island's Future Growth and Big Data Team, the amount of Chinese
tourists paid during this year's Chuseok
holiday was 345 million won, up 1981% from 14.39 million won last year.
Among the nationwide cities and provinces, Jeju showed the highest growth rate,
followed by Busan (1679%), Seoul (956%), Daejeon (711%), Ulsan (514%), Gyeongnam (382%),
and Gangwon (378%). According to an analysis of BC card payment data in Jeju Island, BC
card payments by Chinese tourists in Jeju jumped 1981 percent
from 14.39 million won last year to 345 million won this year.
The daily consumption of each Chinese tourist was estimated to be around 160,000 won.
During Chuseok, two cruise ships from China entered Jeju,
and more than 1,600 Chinese group tourists visited Jeju Island. In particular,
consumption expenditure outside duty-free shops appears to have increased during the period, as the
proportion of duty-free shops among Chinese tourists was
found to be 20.19%, down from 30.88% last year and 56.34% in 2019 before COVID-19
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