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As China's largest national holiday, the National Day holiday (September 29 to October 6),
is approaching, domestic hotels, resorts, and casinos are expecting the biggest boom since the
pandemic. In particular, they are busy welcoming Youke (Chinese group tourists),
centering on Jeju Island, where visa-free entry is possible. However, it is
predicted that the Youker effect will not be as significant as expected in regions except Jeju.
According to the hotel and resort industry on the 28th, the reservation
rate is over 90% on average on Chinese national holidays, with up to 1553
Grand Hyatt Jeju rooms booked a day during this Chuseok golden holiday.
In addition, the number of direct flights between China and Jeju this
month was 124, up 20 from the previous one. The Hangzhou-Jeju (Janglong Air)
route was expanded from 4 times a week to 7 times a week on the 16th, followed by
the Beijing route (Korean Air) from 3 times a week to 6 times a week on the 20th. After
the start of the National Day, direct flights between China and Jeju are expected to increase significantly to 154 flights a week.
In particular, Lotte Tourism Development (10,650 won 0.00%) and others, which are based in Jeju, will operate all
food and drink businesses in the hotel without closing for the first time since the Chinese government resumed
group tours. It will launch a new K-food menu, including traditional drinks such as
sikhye and crystal, to welcome customers in earnest. As a result, high sales are expected
not only in rooms but also in all areas of Jeju Dream Tower Complex
Resort, including food and beverage businesses, Han Collection, and Dream Tower Casino.
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