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작성자 Jamika77 작성일23-11-20 21:38 조회7회 댓글0건


Gangwon Land, which suffered from a fake luxury gift shop incident last year, filed a claim for damages
of about 500 million won from its operator.

A lawsuit is underway against Eroom Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Eun-jong), which was terminated after
being caught selling fake products at a gift shop luxury store in Gangwon Land
(CEO Lee Sam-geol) in April 2022.

Gangwon Land filed a complaint with the Yeongwol Branch of the Chuncheon District Court on
August 30 last year to compensate Irum Korea for losses amounting to 540
million won. The amount of damage was originally changed from 150 million won and claimed.
The lawsuit was held between December 21 last year and August 31 this year.

According to Kangwon Land on the 1st, it is a 152-day claim for damages from closure for 152
days from April 7, 22, to September 5, that year, the date of signing a new entry
contract, according to the judgment of Irum Korea, a luxury goods parallel importer in Gift Shop.


The amount was originally 150 million won, but as a result of recalculating the average
daily sales of gift shops, it was revealed that 152 days of closure, 16.29 million won in
average daily sales, 22% of commissions and taxes were combined.
Kangwon Land said that if Irum Korea operates normally, the total estimated sales for about
five months from April 7th to September 5th, 22nd is about KRW 2477.35 billion.
In this process, the plaintiff and the defendant disagreed on the number of business days,
which led to a claim as the average daily sales.
Kangwon Land sold brand products such as Gucci, Prada, Burberry, and Valentino
through Irum Korea, a gift shop operator selected through a bid in August 2021. However, the contract was terminated in early March when one item of parallel imported products was judged as a false product by the Korea Luxury Appraisal Board.
On the 20th, Irum Korea said through its customer center, "The lawsuit against Kangwon Land
is currently under trial, so there is no particular position."

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<a href='http://pongpong79.com' target='_blank'>ㅤ


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