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Internet games are highly addictive and scary

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First of all, the integrated supervisory committee of the gambling industry, which was established in 2007, said that the "total sales system," which stipulates the annual sales limit, is a toxic clause like a "demon" that suppresses the law and expands illegal gambling.
Critics point out that the government created an organization hurriedly to prevent illegal gambling as the so-called "Sea Story" scandal raged across the country, so it only regulates the law and neglects the law because it does not have the expertise of its employees.
Cho Ho-yeon, principal of a gambling-free school, said, "Before the commission was launched, illegal gambling sales were less than 10 trillion won in 2006, but as of 2023, the illegal amount is around 300 trillion won. This is the decisive reason for abolishing the commission, which is the one contributor to the expansion of illegal gambling."

School without gambling, which is eradicating youth gambling, is showing great achievements in eradicating online gambling, including blocking illegal accounts, receiving support from the National Police Agency and the media thanks to the enthusiastic support of students and parents.
Currently, Kangwon Land has 200 game tables, 1,360 slot machines and video games, but only 120 to 130 game tables have been operated, making the already poor game environment worse.
In particular, Kangwon Land needs at least 1,800 to 2,000 dealers, but the total number of dealers is only 1,500, including executives, except for childbirth, leave of absence, and retirement.

Since the garden filling is also a "market-type public company" that must be approved by the government, it is virtually impossible for the government to approve the game environment that customers want, such as expanding casino operations and expanding game tables and slot machines.
Lee Ki-won, an adviser to the Korea Gaming Tourism Association, pointed out, "The employees of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism leave for other places when it is time to understand their work," adding, "This is why officials at the institution that oversees the casino industry, the core of the tourism industry, do not have expertise."
"The casino industry will be properly recognized only when employees of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism have the opportunity to benchmark complex casino resort sites in Las Vegas, the United States, Macau, the Philippines, and Singapore," he said. "This is essential."

An official from the casino industry said, "The casino sales total system and restrictions on business hours and business sites are the biggest risks for Kangwon Land," adding, "It is also incomprehensible to restrict future food businesses such as online businesses to Kangwon Land, which has built 22 years of experience."
In addition, "Holdham Poker," which is gaining explosive popularity, has been recognized as a "brain sport" worldwide for decades and is likely to be adopted as an exhibition event for the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, but Gangwon Land has only three Holdham Poker tables.
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